KCD4-202 4Pin Power Switch With Light 25x31mm 20A 125VAC 16A 250VAC Rocker Switch


Rocker Switch ON-OFF Double Pole 4 Pin 240V, has built in light which illuminates when switched on. Lamp is powered by 240v ac mains power
Colours currently available Green, Red and Orange

When you need a power switch that’s easy to see, use this It has a actuator button that’s illuminated, so it will stand out on your panel. The rocker design is highly tactile and comes ready labelled with universal on and off symbols, making it simple to use.
This single throw switch is quick to install with moulded snap fittings and quick-connect tabs to minimise machine or appliance downtime. An expected mechanical lifespan of 50,000 cycles makes it a long-lasting switch for controls that are frequently used.

• Voltage rating of 20A 125V AC, 16A 250 V AC
• Red, Green, Orange Switch colour – Select Colour from option List
• Rectangular actuator shape
• Double pole, single throw (DPST) contact configuration
• Illuminated
• Mounting Hole Size Approx.30 x 22mm

Package: 1 Switch